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FLAMING 'O' - A 4 channeled twin that I designed for Otis Carey's fast & radical style of surfing. I feel the Flaming 'O' has hit the mark for a high performance twin fin. Designed to be surfed at a length similar to your height & customised to your weight. It features an exaggerated rocker for hard, in the pocket surfing, a medium rail with a late pinch, fluted flyers & a swallow tail

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Otis Carey - Flaming 'o'.

Otis Carey - Flaming 'o'.

POKEE TWIN - A fish outline that has been stretched slightly. Less width in the shoulders combined with a fraction more rocker in the nose & tail, making this shape a great all rounder.

The longer rail line makes it easier to find the sweet spot when laying it over on rail. This design is still a fish at heart so you can expect to enjoy the glide that makes these types of boards so addictive, the Pokee Twin can be ridden in almost all conditions. 


Josh Dowthwaite - Poke' Twin.

DJOOCE TWIN -  A full outlined board to be ridden between 6'6 - 8'0. 

Soft entry rails transitioning to a hard edge on the tail. single to double concave with a pronounced vee makes this board roll smoothly from rail to rail while still being able to drive off the tail at speed. A versatile board which can be ridden in a wide variety of waves.

VARIOUS TWINS - Custom Twins of all sizes & desires available.

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